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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

These Fast Girls are Refreshingly Unrestrained & Unapologetic

While Fast Girls, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, does not have anything to do with sacred sexuality overtly, I found many of the stories to contain themes related to this topic. For instance, the very first story, “Temptation” by Kayla Perrin, is about a 37 year old divorcee who winds up rediscovering her passion through the erotic embrace of her 20 year old sexy gardener.
“I was wearing a simple blouse and skirt, but his eyes made me feel as sexy as if I were wearing skimpy lingerie. ‘You’re hot. The hottest woman on the block.’ ...My age didn’t matter to him.”
This simple exchange can be classed a “Qadishtu moment,” where one person helps another to regain a healthier self-perception of their body and their desirability.

The second story, “Waxing Eloquent” by Donna George Storey, is about a woman who teaches a college class on sex and the media, and she shares with her new lover some of the topics they discuss, such as the messages about sex that people get from television and other media:
“‘It’s hard to talk honestly about sex in our culture, in spite of a media saturated with erotic images. We discussed that paradox in class, too.’”
Since this is also something that I do through my education efforts associated with my sacred sexuality work, it was wonderful to see this broached in an erotic short story. But the passage from this story that I like the best is the one that acknowledges the sacred during an erotic encounter between the main character and her new lover. She’s just gotten a Brazilian wax to explore something new and different:
“The whole scene is strangely moving - my new body, as smooth as a statute of Venus, the man of my fantasies kneeling before me to worship my feminine charms.”
All of the stories in this collection are hot and celebrate women who revel in the power of their bodies and their sexual natures. One of my favorites is “Panther” by Suzanne V. Slate. In this story, the main character encounters an exquisite statue of a panther in an art museum and as she contemplates the detail of the piece, she falls into an incredibly erotic fantasy of watching the male panther stalk and then have wild sex with a female panther.
“I watch you stalk your quarry. You descend a slope and arrive at a watering hole. Most of the animals scatter in fright but she does not...She is on the other side of the watering hole, seemingly unaware of you. But she knows you are there, and she knows what you want. She could easily escape, but she does not want to. She is in heat. She turns her back on you. She stretches slowly, clawing and kneading the bark of a tree...She arches her back and raises her rump, flicking her tail so you will catch her scent. She preens, toying with you, taking her time. She knows what is coming. Even so, she is surprised by how quickly you pounce...”
This isn’t bestiality; she doesn’t want to do the panther. Rather, it’s more an identification with the wild, unrestrained sensuality associated with these powerful, sleek, beautiful creatures engaging in a most natural way. Often, we humans are so restrained, so repressed, so worried about how we look, how we sound, if we’re going to come, etc, that we feel unable to completely let go and indulge our own wild natures.

I encourage you to pick up this book at Amazon.com or your favorite bookstore and allow yourself to be inspired; explore and experiment with how it might be to be a fast girl...and if you just can’t bring yourself to do some of the crazy things these girls do, you can at least get a vicarious thrill. :)

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