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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Temple - Online Training Chats - Public Announcement & Invite

Hello everyone!

The Temple of the Red Lotus, an organization devoted to the practice and promotion of sacred sexuality and the Qadishtu path, will periodically offer live, on-line chats with prominent figures in the sacred sexuality and Qadishtu communities as guest speakers. This is an opportunity to get your questions answered, to expand your awareness, to be exposed to the many different forms and manifestations of this philosophy and path.

Our next scheduled chat is with Amanda & David Torrey of Terra Incognita in Chicago. Our discussion will cover how they began their Temple and how they work with Lilith, their patron Goddess. The following is some biographical information on the Torreys and their Temple:

Terra Incognita (TI) is a Temple of Sexual Magick founded in Chicago that has slowly evolved from a small gathering of friends hosted by Amanda and David Torrey almost ten years ago, to a larger collection of karmically interconnected people. TI has attempted to integrate spirituality with sexuality using an ancient Mesopotamian model that we have found very adaptable to a variety of religious and magickal beliefs. While the Temples of Sumer and Babylon have inspired our mindset, we also feel a connection to the European mariners who were brave enough to sail to the "unknown lands" they called Terra Incognita on their maps. Scary, shadow-filled places of Monsters and Magick near The Edge of the World.
We believe that breaking fear-generated barriers is an important part of personal growth. TI also feels the power of loving energy can heal most emotional wounds as well as unite those participating in the Process. In our perspective, symbolic acts can only bring symbolic rewards, so both diety and divine energy exchanges should be real.

To actively explore these ideas Terra Incognita is dedicated to the Qadishtu path of sexual healing. For us this includes BDSM, Paganism, patron/protege program, polyamory, Sex Magick, sexwork, surrogacy, Tantra and Taoist practices. TI has developed a very flexible neo-Pagan type of ritual to focus energetic group workings, which owes a great deal to Chaos Magick creativity. Our Qadishtu priesthood is Temple-based, in homage to historical precedents and includes educational outreach and various hands-on practices with seekers. We have also hosted assorted salons, workshops and book signings, as well as presented at festivals and conferences.

Starting in the fall of 2004, New Zealand filmmaker Lynda Brendish began filming an award- winning documentary about Terra Incognita called Uncharted Lands. It captured our shift from a larger group dynamic to one that is more family-based today. The current core of TI is now Amanda, David and poly/magickal partner Kristin. However, the Temple still honors and works with an extended Tribe of wonderful folks in the Sacred Sexuality community.

9:00pm - 10pm Eastern (7:30pm Central / 6:30pm Mountain / 5:30pm Pacific)
Wednesday, Aug 29, 2007

**RSVP by Monday,
August 27 , 2007!!

During our discussions, we will introduce ourselves and then I will introduce our speaker and ask them to introduce the topic. I will then pose some specific questions for the speakers, to guide the discussion. The floor will also be open to the rest of the participants to ask questions, make comments, and share some insights from their own journey.


Public: $10 per discussion
Temple Basic Members: $5 per discussion (You qualify if you've signed up at the Temple of the Red Lotus' Forums)
Temple Qadishtu Trainees: $FREE

Temple of the Red Lotus basic members will receive advance notice and a discounted price. Current students in the Temple Red Lotus Qadishtu Training Program will be able to attend for free.

Fee payable via PayPal to qadishtu (at) templeredlotus (dot) com , and MUST be received by the RSVP date (see below). Indicate in the comments section that this fee is for the Aug. 29 chat with the Torreys and be sure to mention your Temple Forum screenname if you want the Member pricing.

**RSVP by Monday, August 27, 2007!!

Once your fee has been received and your Membership verified (if necessary), you will receive an email containing instructions on how to log in to the chat room.

If you would like more information about the Temple of the Red Lotus, please visit http://www.templeredlotus.com/.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

**RSVP by Monday, August 27, 2007!!

Upcoming Chats (details coming soon!)
Sept 19 - Gigi of Aphrodite's Temple - Part 2
Oct 3 -
Oberon Zell
OCt 24 -
Elsbeth & Freddy of TantraNova

*** If you are interested in being a guest speaker, please email me with details about your background and what aspect of sacred sexuality or the Qadishtu path you could speak on. :)


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