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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Illegal to Share Sex Ed Materials w/ Minors

A new Oregon law makes it illegal in that state to share "sexually explicit materials" with minors, including sex education materials, or young adult fiction books that contain anything considered even remotely "sexually explicit". This is an outrage, as well as a chilling new development in the War Against Sex in this country. It is especially worrisome for those of us who believe in, support, and actually engage in comprehensive sex education for our teens.

And how ridiculous is it that we would go to these lengths to "protect" our children from sex? I know they say it's to protect them from predators, but come on...did no one voting for this law stop to consider the long-term effects of this sort of restriction? Basically, this law says that even parents can't share information with their own children, if it's considered "sexually explicit". My mother helped open the "Big Talk" about sex with my by handing me romance novels containing steamy scenes. I was a big reader and this was a way to share some info, and to start conversations about what was and wasn't real. If she did this in Oregon today, she could be sent to jail. What?!?!?!? Insane...

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